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Exit_International - 'Live At Le Pub' 12" Vinyl + CD


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Exit_International — UG Alumni return with their debut live album. Recorded on Saturday 13th May 2017 to a full house at the legendary original home of Newport's Le Pub, this captures the band's last show (to date). Additional mix and mastering by Dave Draper.

From the folk at Uberrock:

"As you stand there waiting for Exit_International, you just know that anyone who hasn’t seen them prior is going to get absolutely blown away. They stunned me in a headline slot at one of the Slugfest soirees: to my jaded ears they were a breath of fresh air, defiantly Intense, totally in your face and what a band of fucking musicians (Exit International cover band potential? NIL!) Tonight? They were even better!

As you get the intro singalong “I’ve got a dick like an elephant's trunk” you begin to smile — and then ‘Glory Horn’ just floors you, and for the next 60 minutes its every man for himself as the venue explodes. Tracks like ‘Sex With Strangers’, ‘Fuck Yeah! Depression’ and ‘Chainsaw Song’ are still bouncing around my brain three days later as I write this up…

What can you liken them too? Absolutely nothing: they stand on their own… call them industrial noise, art rock, noise, indie — nothing really fits or will prepare you for possibly the best live act on the circuit, as long as they remain on it."

LTD run comes with a bonus CD version.

Glory Horn / Sex W/ Strangers
Fuck Yeah! Depression. / Nitro Zoo
Kojak Rollkneck
Shake Yr Bad Ass
Body Joyrider

Chainsaw Song
Black Jesus (Pink Pound)
Sherman Fang
Lights Out
Hey Desciple

Add an E_I 'Chainsaw Song 7"' or the Mutation 'Dark Black 12" LP' (Co-written by Scott Exit) for a limited time only!

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